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Booking through website minimum 12:00 pm 3 days before departure.


Wifi will be sent at least 1 day before departure.


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* Minimum booking 12:00 pm 3 days before departure

Why Choose NX WIFI ?



1.  Q : How to apply for this service?

     A : Please apply for this service from website. All applications are made by only website.
           Application by phone is not acceptable. We appreciate your understanding.

2. Q : Is there an application deadline?

    A : Please apply for the service 12:00 PM three days before the use starts.

3. Q : Until when I can cancel the order after I completed? Is there a cancellation fee?

    A : Cancellations can be made free of charge up to 17:00PM three days before the use starts. 
         Please contact customer support for cancellation inquiries.??
         Unfortunately, cancellations fee occur if the cancellation is made after the deadline(written above), will be charged 100% of the total amount of charging fee.

4. Q : Is it possible to apply for the service after the application deadline?

    A : This differs on our stock status. Please contact customer  support for further  inquiries.→TEL:+62 21 8379 3029

5. Q : Even though very early flight of returning, do we have to pay for the rental fee?

    A : The rental terms is established between the day of departure and the day of rereturn. So, including current day of rental fee would be charged even though if your returning flight is very early. We appreciate your understanding.

6. Q : Any overdue fee may occur after planned return date?

    A : The overdue fee can be made for free of charge up to two days after planned return date. 
This however after planned return date, will occur IDR 200,000 per day for each WiFi device, 
including the overdue fees for the two days.

7. Q : What about the way to delivery (Receive/Return)?

    A : The pick-up and return are eigher delivery by our appointed logistic company OR at office. 
         By delivery : delivery made on the day before your departure. Delivery fee of IDR 20,000 will be applied on each delivery. At office : Please pick-up the device to our office. Google Map :  Click Here

8. Q : What other accessories are included besides the WiFi device? 

    A : The manual, USB cable, and Japan standard plug are included with the WiFi device. 
         Optional items will be also included in the delivery.

9. Q : Are Gmail, LINE, Instagram or Facebook available in China?

    A : As we provide our network service using incoming data from outside of China, websites or services such as Facebook or Gmail may be accessible in China however, it depends on the accessing areas you are located. It does not always mean that the service always available in China.

10. Q : Are there any things to be careful about the amount of data to use?

      A : From the perspective ofmaintenance of network quality and fair usage policy(FUP), restrictions may be placed on the communications of users who perform large volumes of data transmission in a short period of time.
Please refrain as far as possible from such activities as watching videos, video chatting, downloading or uploading (sending or receiving) large flies and playing online games.
*It may decelerate or stop communication if the communication volume of 1 day becomes 500MB or more.
*If such restrictions do come into effect then we will bear no responsibility, and you shall still pay all charges for use.

11. Q : How do I get connected for the first time?

      A : 

     1.Turn off mobile data on your smart devices to avoid costly roaming charges.
     2.Turn off automatic updates to prevent excessive data consumption.
     3.Turn on NX WiFi device.
     4.Check if the first desplay shows Xcom Global(If can see this, the WiFi network already gets settled)
     5.Search and select the network name (SSID) on your smart devices.
     6.Enter the password onto your mobile gadgets.
     7.Get connected to the internet.

Note: SSID and password are indicated on the NX WiFi device display screen and on the back side of the device. Connection speed may vary, depending on the country’s network infrastructure.

12. Q : How can I troubleshoot if I face any issues with NX WiFi?

      A : Try to restart the NX WiFi by turning it off until the screen changes(max~15sec), or reset it by pressing the “reset” button at the right bottom side of the device untill the screen changes(max~20sec).

If the problem persists, please take a photo of the screen together with your basic information such as registered name, email, phone number and so on, and email to to inform us the issue.

1. Q : If we visit more than two countries in one day, what will be the data usage price?

    A : In this case, the price is accoding to the country with higher price, and this will be applied to each WiFi device.
For example, Business trip Taiwan (IDR 990,000) to Hong Kong(IDR 130,000), the higher price of Hong Kong will be applied in one day.

2. Q : Where can the device be used?

    A : Our service can be used in 60 countries.

3. Q : What can be an indication for data charging fee?

    A : The data charging fee is based on JPT(00:00-23:59). Carryover of data cannot applied on following day. We appreciate for your understanding.

4. Q : How many devices can be connected to one WiFi device?

    A : Up to 5 devices can simultaneously be connected to one WiFi device.

5. Q : What steps should I take if case of theft happens during overseas stay?

    A : Preventing unarthorized use by a third party and further charging, we disconnect the network between your device and the NX WiFi device.please contact us immediately to +62 21 8379 3029(Call from overseas). 
At the same time, please go visit local police station to get a certificate for case of theft, and submit it to us as the evidence. 
If there is no submission of the certificate, discharging ratio is 50%. This means that the rest 50% will be accident burden on customer side. 

note:if notification of the theft informed us is later than your return, fee will be occurred untill the day you actually contact us. Conpensation will vary, depends on whether you applied for our insurance option or not.

6. Q : Why does the connection speed go slow or get disconnected even when I am at a location with coverage?

    A : Even if the device is in the coverage area, the connection speed will be influenced by its surrounding environment. Under these environment connection speed could either slow down or stop temporarily. In most cases it would resolve if you move to different area with better coverage. Below are some examples.
Underground, Indoor, or surrounded by buildings
Mobile phone signals could go through glass and wooden materials, but can not go through concrete and metal materials. Instead, concrete and metal materials reflect the signals. Mobile phone signals get weaker as they go through and reflected through various materials.
Surrounded by tall buildings or being at a high place
Most cellular tower are located in high up, being close to a tall building may interfere with connection and obstruct the network signal. Also note that these signals are mostly aimed for lower level, and only limited amount are sent up high.
Being in crowded area
There are only limited amount of signal that a cellular tower can manage. Hence, being in a populated area would be competing for signal which might cause your connection to go slow.
Being surrounded by buildings or using an equipment transmitting Electromagnetic waves
When radio waves and signals are near each other they collide which causes the signal to be either weak or unstable.

7. Q : After first start-up, wifi device  re-startup few times. Is this okay?

    A : The first start-up after your arrival, Wifi device would take some time 10 to 15 mins for network stabilization. During this time, re-startup may occur few times. 

1. Q : How to enter the SKYROAM device management portal page? 

    A : Go to the device management page by visiting
    (you can press the guide to save the portal page to the phone's home screen and access it at any time)

2. Q : How long does it take to boot the network?

    A : Different countries have different boot time, usually take 1~2 minutes. If the location signal is not good, it takes up to 5 minutes.

3. Q : How many devices can I connect at the same time?

    A : Connect up to 5 devices at the same time

4. Q : In the country where the Skyroam signal is covered,But there is no network, what should I do?

    A : During the journey, the Skyroam signal will be affected by the local signal strength,.But fast moving, remote location, underground shopping malls, relatively closed wine, old buildings, national borders, mountainous areas and other remote locations, the signal may be less stable, please also Note that if you are in the above position, it is recommended to try to stabilize or change the position and try again; if it is not possible, it is recommended that you turn off the device and restart the device after 5-10 minutes

5. Q : My Device isn't working

    A : You can find self-guided support included with your device( You can also contact our support team at You will need to provide some account or hotspot information (your serial number) to help our agents find your account and provide support. If you are having connection problems, here are some basic reset instructions: Please hold down the "down" button and then the "start" button to perform a reset on the device. Also, you can go into the Menu and under Advanced you will be able to "Reset Connection". Please reach out to our support team if you are unable to refresh your connection and we will look into any service issues you may be having.